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Sabert Asia

Sabert Asia was established in 2005 with the opening of our manufacturing site in Zhongshan that serves to distribute China(Hong Kong & Macao & Taiwan & Mainland China), Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and so on. Additionally, Sabert has sales offices located in China and HK.

Sabert’s leadership team is committed to innovation, product design, project management, operation excellence, world-class manufacturing plus strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Sabert China plant is BRC, OHSAS 18001, BSCI, Kosher & QS certified.
In Asia, we design, manufacture and distribute a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for food distributors, caterers, supermarkets, national restaurant chains and consumer entertaining purposes.


Sabert Asia(Zhongshan) is a comprehensive production base with three main production processes: injection molding, thermoforming and pulp molding, as well as secondary processing such as metallization, hot stamping and stamp printing. Furthermore, we also have a separate zone in Class 300,000 cleanroom specializing the injection & assembly of high quality cutleries kit. And Class 100,000 cleanroom level for in-house salt & pepper sachets preparation and filling.
Primary Process
  • Injection Molding

    Injection Molding

  • Pulp Molding

    Pulp Molding

  • Thermoforming


  • Injection Molding Product

    Injection Molding Product

  • Pulp Molding Product

    Pulp Molding Product

  • Thermoforming Product

    Thermoforming Product

Secondary Process
  • Metalization


  • Hot Stamping

    Hot Stamping

  • Metalized Product

    Metalized Product

  • Hot Stamping Product

    Hot Stamping Product

Clean room
  • Class 300,000 clean room for cutlery

    Class 300,000 clean room for cutlery

  • Class 100,000 clean room for salt & pepper

    Class 100,000 clean room for salt & pepper